Privy The Absolute Security Suite For Your Mac

Privy is your complete security solution that not only keeps your privacy intact but also protects every program, file, and folder on your Mac.

Privy - How It Works

A simple and the most secure way to protect all the data on your Mac with just one password. All you have to do is install this app on your Mac, and lock any file or app you want with a single Master Password, enhancing the overall security of your system.

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    Full-screen Lock Mode

    With this awesome feature, one can block the complete view of their Mac, leaving no scope of any data exposure. This aspect lets you leave your Mac among a crowd without the fear of privacy or data breach.

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    Hide Any File/Folder

    Protect all the files and folders in your Mac in just a simple click. Privy makes it easy and handy for you to hide any file or folder on your Mac and keep it private with a single password.

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    Lock Administrative Apps

    Control the administrative access to your system by locking all the Admin apps at once. Keep all your administrative apps password-protected, especially if multiple people use your system and protect your Mac like a pro.

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    One Master Password For All

    Privy uses a single master password rather than separate passwords for each app which makes it easier for the user to remember the password and use the app. After you've entered the master password, pick the apps, files and folders you want to lock, and you're done!

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